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The primary humanitarian goal of SVLI is to provide a program of integration into the Turkish community of Syrian refugees in Izmir and its regions, in order to increase their chances of becoming independent and productive citizens in Turkey and give them the tools necessary to improve their economic situation.

Why give to SVLI ?

SVLI’s ultimate humanitarian goal is to provide an integration program into Turkish society for the Syrian refugees in Izmir and its regions, in order to increase their chances to become independent and productive citizens in Turkey and to give them the tools to alleviate their economic status.

We are currently the only official educational center for Syrian refugees in the whole city of Izmir, registered with the Turkish Government.  Our small institute acquired its legal status to operate  autonomously in the sector of education and vocational training in April 2018 which gave birth to the present foundation shorted name “SVLI Dostluk Ve Yardimlasma Dernegi  (SVLI Friendship and Solidarity Association).
Independence in the vocational education and training sector in April 2018 which gave birth to the current institution the acronym “SVLI”.
We have no political and religious affiliations.

What is SVLI?

SVLI was founded on the recognition that a large proportion of Syrian refugees, aged 16 and over, have been neglected, and the urgent need to create a suitable place to provide them with the tools needed to help them make a fresh start in the host country. This makes us different.

Without these basic tools, this population is robbed of their right to self-determination, unable to continue their lives with dignity, and is always afforded a life of poverty.

These tools start with giving them the language skills, which then allow them to go to university, get learning and training for a skilled job, or find work in their own professions in Turkey. Like other refugees in the world, this segment of Syrian refugees is highly vulnerable to those who wish to exploit or exploit it.

SVLI Program:

Our program is based on three tracks:

  1. Educational:

    • To learn the Turkish Language. Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced levels for survival needs and work opportunities. Students are free to complete one or all of the three levels according to their personal needs and goals.

    • To prepare in Turkish for university entrance exams “Yös” -obligatory for students who wish to attend Turkish universities.

  2. Vocational:

    To learn and train for a skilled job: finding workshops tailored to the needs of our students who passed the Turkish language exams and are in urgent need of a job.

  3. Functional:

    To enter the work market in Turkey through legal, established channels, and with the appropriate certificate (s) and legal wages.

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President of the Syrian-Turkish Friendship Association

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Abdulrahman BAKOUR