A brief history of the svli institute:

SVLI was born of the recognition that a significant portion of Syrian refugee population, between the ages 16 and up, was being neglected, and of the pressing need for the creation of a niche best fitted for supplying them with the necessary tools to help them make a new beginning in the host country.  Filling that niche is what makes us different.

Without these basic tools, this segment of the population is robbed of its right to selfdetermination, unable to further their lives with dignity, and invariably consigned to a life of poverty.

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Cooperation with the University of Ankara:

Through our cooperation with the University of Ankara, we have implemented the “Tömer” curriculum in Turkish language classes, which is the best educational program for foreigners in Turkey as well as abroad. Syrian refugees come to us from different ages between 16 and 18 years, and a large number of them hold certificates from the Syrian high school, and a few of them have some practical skills / specializations of different degrees in different sectors. Only a handful of those with university education that were cut off due to the war at home .. They are unanimously enthusiastic about learning and working.

Cooperation with Istanbul Medipol University:

Establish a formal joint cooperation with “Istanbul Medipol Üniversitesi” in public health programs. Our first group of 17-year-old graduate students obtained a diploma in 2017 at “Evde Yaşli Bakim Hizmetleri” (Home Care Services for the Elderly) thanks to a one-time donation from a few private donors. With this certification, some have found single jobs in public health. In 2018, 22 students graduated.

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