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Friendship between peoples is one of the realities of international politics, although it is not considered one of the tangible material facts through which the strength of the state is measured. But regarding the Syrian-Turkish relations, friendship is one of the pillars of the political movement of Syria, and it is one of the sources of strength for the Syrian people and the Syrian issue. Contemporary political history has proven this fact unambiguously.

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Elazig Syrian-Turkish Friendship Association opened

Posted by Arnaud Alyasin on Wednesday, December 25, 2019

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The association was founded in 2014 and work started in 2019.

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BAKOUR Abdulrahman
May 27, 2020

BAKOUR Abdulrahman
March 13, 2020

Talk to oneself (( the silent killer ))

Syrian Turkish Friendship Association

It has been our responsibility since the foundation of the Assembly to be the bridge between the Syrian and Turkish peoples, to inform them about the cultures of both countries and the common history between them.

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